Like everything else we think, do and say, it comes from the level of emotion that we are resonating in. When making an earth offering, first clear yourself. Set the intention clear, or simply be in gratitude. I find offering gratitude is simple and non dualistic. If the mind has some idea of how things should be, there is a attention to one side of the duality to the exclusion of the other. This is keeping both sides present, whether we are aware of them of not. Keep it simple.

When offering a smudge, use a conservative amount. I was shown by an elder to burn 1/2 of a sage leaf. I keep a bag of white buffalo sage that lasts me years. In the picture I share here, I was clearing a land where i had just moved. I let the smoke clear it in love.

When offering tobacco, place to a tree, or in the water, or in the fire with your energy of gratitude.

When offering cedar, keep the energy of letting go, closing the circle.

When offering sweetgrass or palo santo keep the energy of beauty and love for the mother, all feminine aspects.

Offer from the heart.

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