Harmony within the duality.

Dualistic thought is greatly determined by the level of emotion one resonates in. Lets look at the emotional body in the construct of The Gnostic Way. Level 7 resonates with the emotion of unconsciousness. This is the endocrine center for the gonads. Here the dualistic thought patterns will be at the farthest extreme in regards to separation of the duality. An example is ‘good’ and ‘evil’. The judgement patterns we attach to one side of a duality to the exclusion of the other side sets the stage for the creation of thought.

The evolution of duality begins when we look at both sides honestly and apply the transmutation process. For example, we may ‘try’ to be humble yet this humility may be wrought with dualistic thought. When we attempt to ‘be’ something that we judge, we also resonate equally with the other side of the duality. In the case of humility it is arrogance. If we fear arrogance, or attach a judgement of any kind we keep it in creation. This applies to all thought, which is accompanied with emotion.

When we find both sides and transmute in our inner process, natural harmony surfaces to the release of anything less than what we may call love. Of course the access to the energy of love is determined also by where we reside on the scale of emotion. The more upscale we traverse through the efforts of emotional transmutation, the greater the awareness/access to higher consciousness/ love.

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