The human brain runs on electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies are then connected to the endocrine glands which represent the emotional body. First within the brain. Pineal (level 1), pituitary (level 2), from here the electrical connection moves to the thyroid parathyroid (level 3), to the thymus/heart (level 4), then to pancreas/adrenals (level 5), to spleen(level 6) then to gonads (level 7); testes in the male, ovaries in the female.

In Body Electronics we activate the Healing Crisis from the bottom up, gonads to pineal. This restores hormonal function on the physical level, which is a necessary beginning to an effective HC to restore and regenerate. Familiarize yourself with the construct of the emotional body, 7 levels within 7 levels. The Body Electronics Experience introduces this. Three physical principles; nutrient saturation, stillness and unceasing breath are the catalyst in opening the mental/emotional ‘bodies’. Here we find suppressed memory, suppressed emotion and suppressed word patterns. These three creative energies when resisted (suppressed) come forth to be released. We call this the uncreation process. Thought is outside of time and space. It is brought into the physical realm by way of electrical conductivity in the brain. From here emotion and language (frequency) is born through the endocrine system. Here it resonates with patterns and programs. These unconscious patterns calcify in the physical. This is the importance of Pointholding (sustained acupressure) within Body Electronics. By the physical activity of disturbing the calcification, we unlock the held memory/emotion and words. It is in the awareness where we then apply the powers of transmutation. As we move upscale with the endocrine/emotional body we access the mental body incrementally. As we release held trauma/resistance (anything less than love), awareness increases revealing levels of freedom we previously were not aware of. Also, more awareness of resistance. And so we continue.


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