Good quality salt. 1 Cup per bath.

I have been using grey salt from Maison Orphee. They will ship it to you in 22 kg bags, that is quite economical. OR Himalayan Pink salt from OM Foods, BC.

Quality baking soda (aluminum free). 1/2 Cup per bath. I purchase from OM Foods in BC, Canada.

Mustard powder. 1 heaping tablespoon. Also from OM Foods.

Basil oil added just prior to getting into bath, so it hasn’t evaporated. 22 drops. Swirl a figure 8 with your intent prior to getting in the tub. Slowing, until you feel it is prepared.

The mustard powder induces sweating. Remain hydrated.

I used to make this in small batch to sell at the Saturday Market in Ganges, BC

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