What is our lower and higher selves? Parts of us present and connect with the earth and sun. Which is then connected to the great central sun.

How we make room for the presence of wisdom, intuition, serendipity, beauty, guidance, love from our lower and higher selves?

To connect with the center of the earth through our pranic tubes that carry the energies of who we are, in our torroidal field is a great starting place. From this connection we find our pranic connection with the sun.

Hear Drunvalo speak on this process on video.

Make space for Innocence.

With the mind/emotion receptive, we open to the grace of earth and sun.

I am not suggesting to cease practice of transmutation.

I am saying to make room for the expansion of consciousness that comes from within.

See below the Unity Meditation by Drunvalo Melchizedek, following the vintage talks.

Surrender Trust Truth Freedom

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