Iridology Sessions   $55 hr.

$80/hr for Online Sessions 

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  1. Where are you located? I’m in Seattle and looking for the easiest way to learn and experience Body Electronics.

    1. I am on Salt Spring Island. Keep an eye on this site for 2019 Intensives. If you read everything on this site related to B.E. you will gain an understanding of preparations etc.

  2. Hi Illia
    I hope all is well and your long weekend is going well.
    I bought the Chaga today (Aug 4) and I am not able to find the link you mentioned.
    Carole (from Ontario)

  3. Hi Illia,

    Im an artist in upstate NY and I was wondering if you will be doing another FOL workshop anytime soon? I see you had one last year around this time…. I am pretty familiar with Drunvalo’s work and have read a few of his books but Im looking for a hands on workshop to properly learn the merkaba.

    Also, where are you in PA?

    I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

    Much Love,

    1. I am on a small island in B.C. Canada, I dont teach the FOL course but a teaching on MerKaBa Meditation. I am sure you can find someone near you who teaches FOL. Love, Illia

  4. I was present at the Unitarian church in Hamilton Ontario for the very first public showing of the video/audio you heard as you were making tea. Jai Guru

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