In the energetic core of the body is the seats of consciousness. In Sanskrit they are called chakras- spinning wheels of life force.

When whirling around in the lower 3 we experience certain patterns of thought and emotion that are fundamentally from a victim view. Life is happening to us. Here we wish to be told what to do. This outer reliance gives a sense of security and comfort. In the center lies the heart chakra. This is what I call the crossroads. Here we make a major transformation in conscious awareness. Transmutation is key. From here we transcend into the upper chakras where we experience heightened intensity of personal power and control. Of course this comes with increasing inner work and right action. Critical thinking is a side effect.

Finding the dualistic aspects in patterns of control are a necessary part of the evolution of thought and emotion.

Being perfectly willing to let go of control while being perfectly willing to take control simultaneously is a worthwhile practice. Finding the resistances to either side of this duality is essential to change.

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