Inherent in pre healing crisis is the desire and willingness for change. As a human collective we are entering the inevitable healing crisis necessary to move from unconscious power and control to self realization. This is a huge collective leap of consciousness.

Grace is the presence of invisible help. We do not need to define this any further, only to accept it as it comes.

Many benevolent spirits who have been keeping watch over human will, join together now in witness of our celebration.

The time has arrived. Grace is abundant. Serendipity is in perfection. Reverence for all life lead us into the lives we have dreamed into reality.

Like any good healing crisis it comes with letting go.

Let us now collectively continue to let go of judgement; attachment, belief, ideas, identities that have kept us from seeing Truth.

Truth shall set us Free.

In stillness, In breath, In feeding the body with good water and nutrition, supports release of our transgression into the collective fire of transmutation.

Feel WHAT we feel WITH Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

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