Cognitive dissonance has its feet in denial.

Where is it? How do we change it?

When we choose to change, which includes our thoughts, beliefs, habits, addictive behavior, emotion, speech, etc. we will find discomfort within us. It may come as a physical feeling, numbness to pain. It may show as purely emotional. Ultimately the feelings may produce a reactionary response from distraction to justification.

If we are not committed to change, or do not have the knowledge (how to), it is easy to sink into perpetuation of something other than change. When a smoker feels worse after attempting to quit, they will often state ‘I feel better when I smoke’ implying that it is a healthier way of being. This brings up the Healing Crisis– which is a broad topic discussed in the link above. When one chooses to change thought, word and deed, we will be faced with facets of consciousness that have been resting in suppression; parts we have been hiding from ourselves. This is where the tenacity of spirit is necessary to continue onward. The path of evolution rests on this perseverance.

Increasing honest, steadfast practical application of wholistic transmutation.

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Remember the Three Powers: Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love.

These powers may be injected into any situation.

Consciousness change becomes a daily practice.

One that increases compassion for self, that then may be extended to others.

Willingness to change requires increase as we delve deeper. Surrendering to what surfaces, with the willingness to change it.

Feel what we feel with Love (forgiveness/ gratitude).

During the work of Body Electronics I found the pattern of surrender or die. I keep the energy of surrender close as I work with the ‘death crystals’ (see Logic In Sequence for greater depth on this).

Each day is another opportunity for change- look out for cognitive dissonance and treat it gently like a child. I am speaking in terms of self regulation.

If you find yourself around others who are choosing to NOT change unhealthy or destructive behaviors, the best we can do is be kind and respectful of choice while not enabling or resisting. This is easier said than done.

Change of consciousness is not always easy, yet it is always beautiful.

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