A Wholistic Perspective

We know each individual processes toxic and foreign infection differently.

Also, the effects of electromagnetic pollution effects us individually.

This is dependent on many factors.

Long term and short term state of health is reliant on the body’s ability to detoxify effectively. As is constitution, emotional fluidity, reduced mental programs, and spiritual connection.

To regain and/or maintain good health in the coming years relies upon our willingness in this time to learn and develop a strategy that works.

18 months ago I had not heard of the term spike proteins. After over 1000 hours of research, inspired by personal experience, I have a basic understanding of what has happened in my body, and have experimented to find what has worked to detoxify and protect.

An accumulation of unnatural substance brought into the body through the lungs or skin, accumulates and may even replicate to produce reduced circulatory efficiency. This results in many symptoms such as reduced blood oxygen showing up as short term memory loss, muscle weakness, sounds heard in the head as a result of fluctuation circulation, pain, heart palpitation, cold hands and feet, and a host of other unwanted debilitating conditions.

From this perspective, I assume the reader to have cleaned the diet to organic foods filled with nutrition, and to be maintaining a hydrated condition with the best spring water available. Along with this comes the letting go of substances that decrease vitality wholistically. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Also assumed is the 5 nutritional supplements required to maintain basic biological function.

Here is a few additions directly related to detoxifying the accumulation of ‘spike proteins’, or other unwanted substance such as metals from the body.

1. Serrapeptase- an enzyme that has the effect of keeping the blood thinned.

2. Liquid Chlorophyll- This assists the blood/oxygen efficiency.

3. Parasite Cleanse- Intermittent

4. Bio available Iodine- Daily as the thyroid does not store, yet requires constant iodine.

5. Cayenne- assists circulation and blood flow.

I am available to assist you online or in person to develop your individual program of health, vitality sustained.


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