Wholistic Health Simplified

Wholistic Health Simplified-2017    Wholistic health and Self-healing~ The wholistic model may be simplistically defined as the interconnection of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies within all life. Each of these aspects is governed by natural principles, in which we operate individually and interdependently. This booklet contains the introduction to practical applications for conscious […]

Emotional Evolution

 Some writings by Illia on Emotional Evolution; Transmutation of the Emotional Body-  In the presence of enthusiasm (lovingly and willingly enduring all things), the ‘crystals’ in the human body begin to dissolve, yielding up suppressed thoughts, feelings (emotionality) and words (word patterns present in the crystal). At this time we are given opportunity to actively […]

Solicited/Unsolicited Advice

 In relation to someone who practices wholistic health, personally, professionally or traditionally- the giving and receiving of advice, what,  when and how much is at the core of each interaction. Solicited means the advice has been requested, and an exchange is made. Unsolicited is when it is not requested and given anyway. There is exceptions […]

Iridology Consultation

 Salt Spring Island, B.C.  Wholistic Iridology   This consultation starts one on a individualized nutritional program. Testimonial to Illia’s work.   “To people who may hear this, specifically friends and clients of the work of Illia Heart-  this is a resounding letter of support based on my travel/healing experiences with her. I feel to paint a picture of […]