Salt Spring Island Wholistic Retreat

~ Salt Spring Island Wholistic Retreat~ with Illia Paton Connect with Nature and the healing begins…  Enjoy pure water, fresh sea air and explore the natural surroundings.   Physical- Emotional- Mental- Spiritual: This is the wholistic cornerstones of life.  Illia addresses the physical components first in an Iridology Consultation  Physical revitalization becomes the foundation to further healing. […]

Wholistic Tutorials & Events~

 ~Wholistic Events~ Body Electronics Intensive~ Salt Spring Island~ Dates TBA~ Request to join the Facebook ‘Body Electronics’ group for ongoing discussion and Q&A. ~~~~ Emotional Transmutation~ with Illia Workshop dates TBA~ ~~~~ Magdalene Myth & Mystery- 2014 July 22- 7:00, Celebrate the Sacred Feminine within- Sweat following- by Donation Ram Spring Wellness- Salt Spring Is. B.C. […]