Solicited/Unsolicited Advice

 In relation to someone who practices wholistic health, personally, professionally or traditionally- the giving and receiving of advice, what,  when and how much is at the core of each interaction. Solicited means the advice has been requested, and an exchange is made. Unsolicited is when it is not requested and given anyway. There is exceptions […]

Illia’s Botanical Formulas & Superfoods!

Illia’s~ Body- Mind- Spirit has chosen high quality botanical’s for our herbal formulas, tinctures, flower essences and super foods- some from Harmonic Arts- some from Wild Rose Herbs- long standing Canadian botanical providers.  Book private consultation- Monday – Thursday ~ 30 mins- $45~         Click on the Echinacea to go deeper.

SSI Wholistic Retreat~

~ Salt Spring Island Wholistic Retreat~ Connect with Nature and the healing begins… Enjoy pure water, fresh sea air and explore the natural surroundings.  Physical- Emotional- Mental- Spiritual~ This is a one on one intensive with Illia. You may choose a weekend relax and rejuvenate experience, or a week of deep clearing and inner work facilitated by sessions. […]

Botanical Formulas and Superfoods

Botanical Formulas & Superfoods –  Video from Harmonic Arts on the Chaga Mushroom remember to use 3 times in the traditional way- this is a non sustainable substance. Give Thanks!! OJIBWE DETOX- formerly known as Essiac +  Slippery Elm Bark, Sheep Sorrel, Turkey Rhubarb Root & Burdock Root make up this powerful clearing formula. I have […]