Individualized Program for Rejuvenation

With a focus on building a healthy vitality, Illia prepares an individualized program beginning with an Iridology Consultation (if in person).  The wholistic model is the foundation for all of Illia’s work. She begins with the physical foundation (nutrition, breath, bodywork), inclusive of the emotional, mental and spiritual components. Illia has over 30 years experience […]

Illia’s Botanical Formulas & Superfoods!

Illia’s~ Body- Mind- Spirit has chosen high quality botanical’s for our herbal formulas, tinctures, flower essences and super foods- some from Harmonic Arts- some from Wild Rose Herbs- long standing Canadian botanical providers.  Book private consultation- Monday – Thursday ~ 30 mins- $45~         Click on the Echinacea to go deeper.

Salt Spring Island Wellness Retreat

~ Salt Spring Island Wellness Retreat~ with Illia Heart Relax, slow down and connect with nature…let the healing begin…  Enjoy pure water, fresh sea air and explore the natural surroundings. Physical- Emotional- Mental- Spiritual: This is the wholistic cornerstones of life.  Prepare by reading Illia Heart’s book Wholistic Health Made Easy. Some topics covered are: Wholistic Health […]