Addiction and the Emotional Body

Let’s take a look at an emotional body construct, in an effort to understand emotional evolution. In Body Electronics we use a Tibetan Buddhist format, which may seem simplistic until we undergo the upward movement through emotion. The model has 7 main centers that is directly connected to the endocrine glands. This is why we […]

Iridology Session

 Salt Spring Island, B.C.  Wholistic Iridology   This consultation starts one on a individualized nutritional program. Wholistic Health Made Easy by Illia Heart has been written to further understand wholistic principles.  Body- Emotion- Mind- Spirit Our physical body is the foundation of the wholistic model. Hydration- Drinking ½ the body’s weight in ounces each day is […]

Wholistic Health Session with Illia

Wholistic Health Session with Illia~ Iridology Consultation– 1 hour- prerequisite to Wholistic Acupressure Flower Essence with individualized botanical formula.   Process questionnaire prior to session.  Wholistic Acupressure- 90 mins. Kriya means ‘to do’ in a sacred way’. Illia facilitates the session by instructing Pranayama (conscious breath) while applying a specific form of acupressure. This brings […]