Illia Heart

Buzz Words

I wake to the inspirations of advertising.

Buzz words and emotional triggers like ‘last chance’ have been turn off’s for me and advertising.
I seek here to inspire twelve plus people to participate with whole heart in the inner work of conscious development in The Gnostic Way.

Here is a brief overview of the two day workshops I currently offer on Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada.

In The Gnostic Way there are four separate yet interconnected aspects.

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

“As human beings we have a tremendous responsibility to heal, and live a gentle loving life on planet Earth. It is then we may live healthy, in freedom as a global community, interdependent with Nature. It is this vision that inspires me to continue my healing path, sharing along the way. As we accept personal responsibility, we are given more and more opportunities to learn and grow. From this we share and the Circle expands.” Illia

Thank you for considering.

It is not always easy, yet it is always beautiful. Blessings

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