Body, Mind & Spirit. This is the construct of regeneration. The Healing Crisis. Ascension of Consciousness. Emotion has been a focus in my my work for over 30 years, as a entrance point to what we call mind (the mental body). The complex frequencies we label as emotion are the doorways we pass through, on our way back through the wholistic construct. Physical being the foundation of molecular structure in which the other non physical components of consciousness exists.

I have seen in recent months the many ways in which emotion justifies itself, in order to exist.

The grueling work of transmutation is waiting to be accessed and applied.

After a solid discipline of physical, the emotional body comes into coherence with The Three Powers.

Gratitude, Love & Forgiveness

Feel what you feel with…one, two or all three. Bring awareness into harmony. The Nadis are fed when pranic energy can flow. This ability occurs when emotion is cleared. It is an ever ongoing process.

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