I have been preparing medicinals for over 30 years. One that is needed now more than ever is the Detox Formula, that originated with the Ojibwe people. I added Chaga to it, and call it Bear Root Botanicals- Detox. As we know, now is a time of great change. One that requires great care. It is imperative for those of us who choose to remain vital and vigilant to the coming changes, keep our body’s well. I heard someone say recently, ‘everyday is a good day to detox’. I agree. Keeping the body clean is now a necessary focus, with poor air, water, and soil qualities. There are many ways to detox…both light and deep. I practice both regularly, once a week I stay home for a detox day, at least 4 times a year a deep detox.The organs of elimination are to be keep as clear as possible. Daily hydration with quality spring water is essential to keeping the body clean.

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