Recently I have been organizing information for future Pointholding groups. I counted how many points are to be held pre Cranial Electronics. I see a minimum of twenty three.

This shows the importance of Intensive’s where at a 5 day event you will be on the table a minimum of 4 times. The longer the event the more the energy builds which facilitates change. In future I will hold 10 day Intensives, with a couple days rest in the middle. This works well for people who travel long distance to attend.

Pointholding groups form and continue thereafter. Meeting regularly avoids having to begin again with STO points (to activate nerve supply and circulation) at the next Intensive which is necessary when too much time between points takes place. I lecture to these groups, and guide the organizers.

It is my intent to hold a 10 day event in SW Ontario this year. 2022

If this calls to you, now is the time to prepare.

Read How We Heal, and The Body Electronics Experience (feel free to download and print).

Nutritionally prepare.

Practice stillness and the 3 part breath. Most people are breathing backwards, and this is corrected with practice, consciousness change and awareness.

Contact me with interest, questions or comments.

See regular posts on fb group pages, Body Electronics the Evolution of Consciousness and The Gnostic Way.

Energy is intensifying. Now is a good time to learn and apply transmutation to resistance. Freeing up patterns and programs within our own consciousness, with those we are directly related to, also morphogenically assisting anyone who resonates with that particular resistance pattern.

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