Today’s Teaching~ Aug 12, 2018 Everyone is Empathic

Empathic feelings are in degree of emotional awareness. This awareness begins as a personal unfolding. It comes from one’s own emotional body. Through awareness we begin to resonate with emotion from the external environment. This may be from any living being. A Body Electronics teaching is, this resonance comes from 3 possibilities. 1. We are […]

Today’s Teaching Aug. 10, 2018 Justification- Purification- Sanctification

Justification is a state of consciousness that loops in the body below the level of heart. When we work tenaciously to move the energy into and beyond the level of the heart, we find a beautiful purification process. As we steadily and continuously work through the purification on the inner planes, we slowly yet surely […]

Today’s Teaching- August 1 ’18

Today’s Teaching with Illia Heart The Wholistic Model for Revitalization-  Each moment presents opportunity for the actualization of the ever continuous evolutionary flow. The Yin/Yang model of the electromagnetic spectrum flowing in a spherical torroidal movement represents this perfectly. As we apply principles according to the wholistic design, we may move quickly in a evolutionary […]

ONLINE Counseling with Illia

Online Wholistic Counseling with Illia– Testimonials -The Work of Illia Heart- This session provides a platform to discover a healthy wholistic individualized program and to begin the process of removing emotional trauma. $110 hr Illia dedicates her life to wholistic health and evolution, and upon request facilitates others to do the same.  She does this within […]

The Rainbow Prophesy

The Rainbow Prophesy was told to me as a small child. In adult years I was reminded many times of the importance of these times for the race of beings here on planet earth. The center medicine wheel represents our evolution on earth. The green sphere represents the earth. The yellow sphere represents the sun, […]