Attention to the body.

Attention to the emotion.

To begin.

1. Body perfectly still.

2. Tongue rests gently on the center of the upper palate.

3. Spine straight.

4. Inhale though the nostrils into a three part breath. Filling the abdomen, solar plexus and sternum.

5. Exhale gently through the mouth.

6. Continue to breath this way with out pause.

7. Concentrate on the breath.

8. Notice when the breath wants to pause. It is a unconscious reaction to suppress emotion.

9. Keep the breath unceasing while including awareness to the emotion that surfaces.

10. Allow the emotion to be present and increase.

11. Simultaneously watch the breath to remain deep and unceasing.

12. Feel what you feel with love.

13. Continue until it feels into a completion of letting go. Keep the surfacing emotion, lets say grief present while loving how the grief is feeling. Remain vigilant to not dissociate by attempting to feel love instead of the uprooted emotion. If this happens, go back to concentrating on the breath until the honest emotion surfaces again. When we simultaneously stay present with the emotion, venting appropriately (cry, scream, without projection) while loving how it feels the transmutation (release) takes place. The suppressed emotion is then released from the body. Greater awareness is the side effect.

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  1. Absolutely love!! Thank you! I would like to do a online Iridology reading. I emailed pics of my eyes. Please get back to me thank youuuu

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