In The Gnostic Way we develop an awareness of the mental body where duality exists.

The 2 sides within the patterns of duality may seem to be opposite, yet are the same. They resonate together. Through resisted experience we attach to one side of the duality, to the partial denial of the other depending on the depth of resistance. When we unravel the emotional resistance, we eventually arrive in the level of pain (in all 7 levels as we make our way upscale). In doing this we become more increasingly aware of both sides, where then we have opportunity for true and lasting change.


Attachment/letting go is a duality within all life. It plays out in many ways.

By allowing both sides to be present, through willing non resistance we create the opportunity to apply the powers of transmutation within the mental body.

An excerpt from The Body Electronics Experience.

Encompassment of Duality is applied (holding both sides with focused concentration), while accessing and directing the Violet Flame, until equanimity is experienced. The duality being observed will gradually become ONE/In Harmony once again when fully transmuted.

The inner process of let it happen/make it happen is a fundamental willingness to allow while being in control.  When this is operating simultaneously, harmony comes to the present moment.

Consciousness change is a ongoing discovery of inner creative processes with the willingness to embrace/love the deepest recesses of the mind.

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