Illia Heart

Attachment/ Letting Go

Everyone involved with Body Electronics¬† eventually reaches an awareness of the mental body where duality exists. The 2 distinct sides seem to be opposite, yet are the same pattern. They resonate together. Through resisted experience we attach to one side of the duality, to the partial denial of the other depending on the depth of resistance. When we unravel the resistance, we eventually in the level of pain (in all 7 levels as we make our way upscale), become more and more aware of both sides, where then we have opportunity for true and lasting change. Transmutation. Attachment/letting go is a duality resting within all life. By allowing both sides to be present, through true non resistance (we can’t wish it into being) life flows in harmony with natural law. In B.E. we employ the inner process of let it happen/make it happen. When this is operating simultaneously, then harmony may be present. This takes work!

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