We are in the midst of a grand opportunity for the ascension of thought. Anchoring energies following transmutation into the present moment. This is an opportunity to experience some depths of the multi dimensional self. The gateways of emotion lead us to the places where we may change patterns of thought.

I have observed the impact mental attention has on its environment. It has sped up in its capacity to manifest, making the manifestation patterns more clear.

We know the brain has two distinct sides. This translates into dualistic thought formation. When we have a thought that is attached to one side of the duality, to the exclusion (judgement) to the other, we trap our attention to a pattern. Either side comes into the manifested reality.

An example of this is concentrating mental energy (thought/belief/agenda) on what we think we ‘want’. When we do this what we don’t ‘want’ could be the manifested outcome.

I have noticed that where i put my attention, has an increased ability to rapidly come into third dimensional reality, and with great swiftness.

Therefore, I am carefully watching the inner vision, keeping a vigilant eye on the words, both internal and external, as well as remaining present to emotion (readied for transmutation).

Witnessing (being aware) where the attention is drawn, while clearing patterns of resistance and agenda that surface. Especially when the mind feels justified in its actions/reactions.

This is a very sacred time to release old hurts, and heal the wounded soul. Beyond this crossroads, we will anchor our hearts dream into this dimension.

Some of us have been waiting a very long time.

Rejoice in the energy of a new dawn.

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