Jeshua Ben Joseph was quoted as saying something in translation like ‘be like a little child’. There have been times when I knew this feeling. Enveloped in a freedom, a joy, a wonder. In these times a pure (without agenda) inquiry is present. When the inquiry is turned inward, this takes practice, we then find who what and where we are. Usually in small increments we discover layers upon layers. Beyond the rambling thoughts, beyond the painful emotion lies a sea of beauty. How do we get there? It begins with what may be called the art of inquiry. This feeling can be further developed as an adult. We all experienced this feeling as a child. A gentle openness to life. Exploring with wonder the unknown.

Turn this feeling inward, and move through the thin veil of discomforts, and discover the joy, the beauty, the love that we are. We may call this a meditation. One that is lacking in the removal of this or that, or the gaining of this or that.

An active innocent seeking of truth and its beauty.

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