The Art Of Asking

 Giving and receiving-  what, when and how much is at the core of each interaction. Solicited means the advice has been requested, and an exchange is made. Unsolicited is when it is not requested and given anyway. There is exceptions to every rule. The rule of thumb in this case is to not give any advice/ suggestion unless asked. I practice this faithfully unless i see the person really wants the information, yet does not know to ask, or how to ask- then I follow a higher law. This is really about higher and lower natural law. Physical being the lower, up to emotional, up to mental, up then to spiritual. Not that one is better or worse than another, they all have their place and purpose. So, when one puts themselves out there as a teacher, practitioner, elder, they take on a deep responsibility to educate on what i refer to as the art of asking. Traditional to Turtle Island is to offer Tobacco when a request is made. This may be to a person…or to the Land or Water in Prayer. Asking becomes a constant inner process of respecting our environment, and the commitment to move on The Good Red Road (the evolutionary path according to natural law).

Appropriate exchange is important when asking for assistance. In this day and age it is usually money. Yet for some this is not the case. As we learn and grow we continually practice the art of temperance- knowing what is right in the moment, sharing much like a parent…when, what and how much to give and receive. The Sacred Hoop Of Life.

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