To know the way in which emotion travels has been helpful in my transmutation process. Here is a simplified explanation.

The emotional body construct in The Gnostic Way comes from Tibetan Buddhism. It is a simple 7 level system. Within those main 7 levels each level exists equaling 49.

Level 7- Unconsciousness – Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm

Level 6- Apathy– Grief, Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness

Level 5- Grief– Fear, Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, Apathy

Level 4- Fear– Anger, Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief

Level 3- Anger– Pain, Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief, Fear

Level 2- Pain– Enthusiasm, Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger

Level 1- Enthusiasm– Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger, Pain

From this basic emotional format, we gain an understanding of what is happening as we are moving emotionally upscale, from level 7 to 1- bottom up (gonads to pineal). 

Being present and willing to feel ‘what is there’ is the first step to change and evolution. From here we bring into conscious awareness from suppression. This is done in practice, by remaining perfectly still and breathing deep and regular with out pause.

When we feel the emotion we increase its intensity (more willingness), venting without projection. Here we find our gratitude, forgiveness, and love for the feeling. The three powers.

Anger may be divided into two distinctly different expressions. Covert, which comes first on the upscale evolutionary movement ( in al 7 levels). Then overt. We observe the internal process of covert, mostly silent and sneaky. As we transmute and move up into overt we get a better look at how efficient we have become as transmuters. Inner vision increases in clarity both waking and dreaming. Allowing the suppressed emotion to surface, venting without projection, then encompassing with one or more of the three powers.

This practice eventually leads to control, maintaining an inner awareness without leaking any energy externally. This is the fast track in upscale movement. Power and control patterns surface here (anger). Give thanks to your tenacity, as we reach this level through inner work. What I am speaking of is consciously reaching the energy of anger and doing our best to move it into the great void of recycled energy through the tenacious practice of transmutation. This is the entrance level to transmutation. From here we move to include thought pattern (memory) and word pattern. Adding these to the emotion, while holding all three simultaneously we have opportunity to fully release the held resistance.

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