Anger is a highly seductive emotion. It can hold us in a false sense of power and control until we transmute it into true power and control. The power to have a fluid and healthy emotional response, based in loving compassion, not devoid of anger. Control of one’s body (physical principles), emotion and mind. This is responsibility. If you have practiced transmutation of the emotional body, you know the evolutionary effect this has.

Keep going.

If you have been looping in the same emotional patterns, particularly anger, now is the time to get to work.

Anger is where people can form patterns of power over others. Anger is self identified.

Anger is my way.

Anger is hot.

Anger feels powerful and motivational.

These feelings may keep us seduced.

Pain comes after we transmute anger. Here we get to glimpse of the ways in which we have created.

Self forgiveness is key here.

Anger seeks to be right.

Anger doesn’t consider other perspectives.

Pain does.

This is emotional evolution.

Then comes ‘enthusiasm’.

The all pervading oneness that exists when we gain our independence.

Love, compassion, respect, humility deepens in the realization of pain.

The True Power of love/enthusiasm is the transmuting force we apply WITH the emotion we choose to change.

Surrender to oneself. Forgive. Make amends if guided to do so.

Release the patterns that bind.

Feel WHAT you feel, WITH love.

Be kind and grateful to the ones who you find yourself near.

If they are the trigger to your emotional response…give thanks for their presence.

Anger wants to change the external.

Truth changes the internal landscape, so the external may come into natural harmony.

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