Water is the primer to good blood health. Enough of it (1/2 the body’s weight in ounces each day for minimum hydration), chemically free, preferably spring.

Quality baking soda (OM Foods) morning and evening dissolved in water, assists to keep gastrointestinal alkalinity.

Keep the organs of elimination flowing freely through regular detoxification.

Eat nutritious food, with a 80% alkaline to 20% acid.

Within the 80%, have a minimum of 40% raw. This provides enzymes required for digestion and assimilation. Resulting in the nutrients required for hormone production and balance. Enzyme supplementation is still required within these percentages. I have yet to see anyone, including children who do not require enzyme supplementation.

Ensure alkaline blood by limiting sugars (including all corn byproducts), coffee, alcohol/wine, dairy, wheat, pork and beef. See the chart below for alkalizing foods.

Alkalize- 80% green

Acid- 20% or less of the pink avoiding the highly acidic. There are foods on this list I avoid altogether, ketchup, artificial sweeteners, white flour, liquor, fructose, corn, canola.

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