Let’s take a look at an emotional body construct, in an effort to understand emotional evolution. The emotional body model we are looking at here has 7 main centers that is each connected to endocrine glands. This is why we require a adequate nutritional program to ensure healthy hormone development.

These 7 centers have all 7 centers within, making 49 levels.

  • Level 7 is the emotion of unconsciousness.

  • Level 6- Apathy

  • Level 5- Grief

  • Level 4- Fear

  • Level 3- Anger

  • Level 2- Pain

  • Level 1- Enthusiasm (unconditional love)

We shall begin with level 7, which corresponds to the gonads. Testes in males, ovaries in females. Specifically sex and reproduction. This is observing from the bottom up on the scale of emotion.

 Emotional transmutation is an ongoing process of consciousness change. With practice we make upscale movement. When doing so we are faced with the ways in which we distract, soothe and suppress our emotion. Self medicating. Here is where we may actively make change in habits and addictive behavior, as they make their presence known.

 As we have known for 60+ years in the work of Body Electronics, unhealthy habits and addiction is born of the resistance we hold in relation to trauma.

 Change of consciousness occurs through emotional transmutation, as we gradually release what has been held. As we move upscale we become more aware of our internal environment (consciousness). Here we see the ways in which we perpetuate patterns in our life, and have the opportunity to change through what i call The Three Powers- Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love.

I teach and facilitate this process in private practice and workshops.

In my practice I prepare people for this work, first in an Iridology Session. Here the client is given a nutritional program. When the person feels ready to move forward to unravel and transmute emotion, I give Acupressure Sessions. For those who are long distance, I offer Online Sessions.

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