1. Sugars  2.Corn  3.Wheat  4.Soy  5.Dairy 

This list is just the start to having a cleaner diet. Finding where the above 5 are hidden is a good beginning. A common sushi practice is to cook the rice with sugar. Take out coffee (and other drinks) has corn syrups and other addictive substance added. All fast food is carefully manipulated for sugar, fat and sodium addiction. Break free! It takes time and dedication, yet it is well worth it. I began with the removal of sugar and corn. Found in a high percentage of prepared food. Sugar withdrawals were intense. Home made squash soup with turmeric and cumin helped me to get through. It took approximately a year for my body to stop craving. I saw the sweet cravings turn to other culprits like fruits, potatoes, rice, and wine. Basically it was the intestinal fungi, yeasts and parasites screaming to be fed. I took high dosages of probiotics during the withdrawal period. This helped a lot in reducing the cravings by reestablishing  good intestinal flora. I continue a probiotic supplement indefinitely. The attitude of ‘treat don’t cheat’ helps a lot. For example, I will have a few weeks of no wheat, no sugar- then choose to have a day where I have a ‘treat’. This attitude is choice. Cheating instills a guilty conscience. It is interesting to watch the choices for treats change, constantly upgrading.

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