Isolation- 49 DAYS

Its been an interesting observational time both internal and external. To be acutely aware of emotional activity, both personally and collectively offers much to work with.

Each time I get drawn into mass programming, even for a second, I gently pull out and center. I am following inner guidance as closely as I am aware. Feeling the emotional patterns, and diligently working to transmute.

We as a global community, will have the opportunity to open our hearts to a new dream. Then will be the labour of bringing the dream into action. Independence is the key word. Letting go of societal structures that are not sustainable to the earth.

We have the power.

Sustainable healthy community.

It begins with love.

Love our earthen bodies. Love the earth.

Update- November 2, 2020

We must practice what we have been given in the inner realms of change, and not for one second acquiesce to tyrants who seek through false power and control, by covert and overt agendas of greed.

The kind and generous hearts of humanity is the center where the falsity falls away.

Be Loving and receive nothing less than Love.

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